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Moscow, st. Malaya Polyanka, d. 12A
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Legal Support of Business in Russia

Amond & Smith Ltd is a law firm which provides comprehensive legal support for businesses and individuals with respect to key areas of law in the territory of Russia.

Corporate Practice

Matters related to participation and administration of the business. Provision of legal services in the field of corporate procedures, M&A, restructuring. Corporate business support.

Commercial Practice. Transactions and Commerce.

Provision of legal support for economic activities of companies, review, and analysis of contractual relations with counterparties.

Dispute resolution

Legal representation in Arbitrazh (state commercial) courts, mediation tribunals and courts of general jurisdiction.

Labour & Employment (Employment Law)

Representation and support of employers and employees in state authorities and during litigation processes.

Intellectual Property

Consultation on the issues of intangible assets and IP protection.

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