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Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property practice of our firm provides efficient protection of intangible assets (including registration of IP rights, representation of clients in the Chamber for Patent disputes, Rospatent and in Russian courts).

Legal consultations:

Consultation on the issues of protection, registration and transfer of IP rights.

IP rights registration:

  • trademark and other intellectual property objects registration;
  • due diligence of intellectual property objects.

Dispute resolution in the sphere of intellectual property rights:

  • pre-trial activity;
  • Interest defense in the Chamber for Patent disputes and Russian courts.

Our services regarding IP transactions include support of transactions on gaining, alienating and transferring of IP rights as well as drafting of various agreements (trademark license agreements (custom work contract), franchising agreements, etc.).

Our specialists have an experience in the following fields

Defense in court regarding the case of someone else’s trademark illegal usage.

New set of goods under the trademark similar to the trademark of well-known Russian pastry factory was obtained in the client company, food retail chain. The client was not aware of this problem and the goods came in retail. Right owner effected evidentiary purchase and applied to court with the demand for damages recovery due to violation of its intellectual property rights.

As a result of judicial proceedings the amount of compensation was decreased by five times in comparison with the primary requirements.

Field: Trade and commerce

Consultation and Agreement creation on transfer of domain name managing rights.

Consultation for the client on domain names administrator responsibility for violations made by the owners of web-sites.

Creation of legal documentation regarding transfer of domain name managing rights.

Field: IT and telecommunications

Creation of Distributor Agreement on spread of software (license).

In right owner interests there was created Distributor Agreement on spread of software license on the territory of the Russian Federation as well as Sublicense Agreement concluded between the distributor and final users.

Field: IT and telecommunications

Complex legal support of restaurants chain regarding intellectual property issues

Legal support of restaurants chain regarding intellectual property issues: framing of agreements on creation of intellectual property items (trademarks, music, interiors, food technology), registration of rights for items, framing of agreements on transfer to the third party of the rights to use the items for the purposes of business scaling.

Field: HoReCa

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