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Dispute resolution

Lawyers at Amond & Smith Ltd Law Firm provide active support for clients at all stages of conflict: from estimating the prospects of a potential litigation process and evidence collection up to representing interests in state commercial courts, mediation tribunals and courts of general jurisdiction and assisting in further execution of judicial decisions.

Pre-trial support

  • Advising on the pre-trial stage, including participation in negotiations with the counterparty and preparation of legal documentation (pre-trial letters, pre-trial claims, etc.).
  • Analysis of prospects of a litigation process, preparation of legal opinions (regarding reasonableness and prospects of the litigation, legal position, and litigation, etc.).

Representation of interests in Arbitrazh (state commercial) courts, mediation tribunals and courts of general jurisdiction.

Commercial disputes:

  • Corporate disputes between shareholders, top management, etc.
  • Intellectual property protection.
  • Labor disputes.
  • Other categories of dispute.

Enforcement proceedings

  • Representing сlients at the stage of judgment enforcement (including interaction with the Federal Bailiff's Service).
Our specialists have an experience in the following fields

Successful client representation in court in the case of litigating a transaction and preventing the collection in the amount of more than 1 million US dollars

The Court of Arbitrazh agreed with the opinion that disputed transaction was made corresponding to all corporate procedures; rights and interests of claimant and its shareholders were not violated and the execution was effected to the proper creditor.

Field: Industry production

Successful court defense of the agreement on land lot lease transfer for factory building

Municipality litigated the agreement on land lot lease transfer for factory building and asked to declare the transaction invalid. In the result of proceedings the appeal was dismissed.

Field: Industry production

Client representation in court regarding debt collection and debtor property arrest

The client counteragent failed to pay on time large sum for the delivery of special transport equipment spare parts. There was a risk of money balance and debtor assets withdrawal which would make it difficult to collect money. During proceedings debtor property was imposed with a penalty. Further negotiations with the debtor led to the following: the part of debtor liquid equipment shall be transferred to the client ownership. As a result this decision helped to avoid decision litigation by the debtor and property sale by means of long tendering procedures.

Field: Trade, retail, commerce

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