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Labour & Employment (Employment Law)

The Amond & Smith Ltd Employment law practice team offers consultations for clients on key issues regarding Russian employment law application and provides judicial protection when labour disputes arise.

Legal consultations:

Consultation on the issues of Russian employment law application (employment process, dismissal, disciplinary penalties, recovery of financial damage, etc.).

Labour Disputes:

  • interests defense of employers and employees during litigation processes;
  • legal support of top managers;
  • representing clients when they deal with labour inspection and prosecution authorities

Employment documentation:

  • drafting of labour contracts and internal acts of the employing company commercial secret regulations, internal labour policy rules and etc.;
  • audit of labour documents.
Our specialists have an experience in the following fields

Representation of top-manager interests in conflict with the employing company.

Top-manager of holding food industry after dismissal did not receive money payments connected with KPI and achieved financial indicators of structural subdivision headed by it. During judicial proceedings former employers were offered an amicable agreement, and it was accepted by both parties of the Employment Agreement.

Field: Food industry

Successful interests representation of employing company on a lawsuit regarding compensation for harm to health in emergency case at workplace.

The former employee who got injured at workplace brought a suit against the venture. The employee intended to change guilt degree in emergency case and to increase payment amount which it should have received due to loss of work ability. As a result of proceedings the court delivered a judgment in favor of the client and acknowledged primary guilt degree and compensation payment amount and dismissed a suit of the former employee.

Field: Industry production

Objective reasons for staff reduction were proved in the court.

Client company performed reorganization with subsequent staff reduction. One of the dismissed employees decided to argue the fact of its reduction and applied to court requiring reemployment and money payment.

During judicial proceedings there were proved the reasons for staff reduction; justified economic uselessness of one of subdivisions and consequently confirmed no need for this subdivision existence and for its staff work. Finally lawsuit against client company was dismissed.

Field: Industry production

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